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Ed - Your UK Home Education Magazine

📖 Your Quarterly Home Education Magazine Has Arrived!

Hello, We are thrilled to present the first edition of "Ed," your dedicated Home Education Magazine! With a fresh name, a passionate new team, a revamped website, and enriched content, we are here to support your educational journey.

What’s New?

  • Ed Express: Keep an eye out for our Ed Express weekday emails, designed to kickstart your educational day with inspiration and practical tips.

  • Tailored Content: Inside this edition, you’ll find puzzles and lesson plans crafted for three distinct learning levels:

    • Hero: Aimed at students aged 9-11, or those accessing this topic for the first time.

    • Epic: Targeted towards students aged 12-14, or those who want to be pushed as they have accessed this topic before

    • Mystical: For students traditionally aiming towards their GCSEs or equivalent. These tasks are there to challenge students' problem-solving skills.

Our goal is to provide resources that adapt seamlessly to your child’s needs, ensuring they enjoy their learning experience with tasks that are appropriately challenging.

We hope you and your family enjoy our new magazine. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please do share your thoughts!

Best regards,


Issue 1 - June 2024The first edition of "Ed," your dedicated Home Education Magazine!7.78 MB • PDF File


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